Should I switch camera system?

This week we are going to talk about the gear aspect of photography.130221_d7100_01

For a few years now I’ve been shooting with the Nikon ecosystem. It’s a good camera. It has a good color reproduction and most importantly the lenses are cheap. But there’s been something lacking. Being me I Like being frugal and bought a lens that was only 25 dollars..what a steal! But I always wonder should I consider changing camera system to Canon or Sony.

When I bought my first camera I always knew that Canon’s lenses ecosystem was vast and already made future proof. But I chose to buy nikon because of my dad; he previously had owned a Nikon camera and he had a few lenses lying around. I knew that I could use it. But overtime the lenses were very much out of date even though they were mint and well kept after. Since Nikon didn’t make the switch to a different mount like canon meant that their lenses  were old and had noisy autofocus and were built for film so  they weren’t able to modernize to digital. So now many nikon lenses have noisy autofocus unusable for video. Unlike Canon and Sony where their lenses use a stepping motor that is virtually silent.

But I know that there are some shortcomings of switching to canon or sony is that their Canon-Nikon-black-lenses.jpgcamera are not comparable to nikon camera’s ability of reproducing and image. Its camera capability is unrivaled there.

Even though I am present with these facts if I do make the switch it will be expensive and I need to save up for a while before I make the switch.


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