Why I like airplanes..


So this week I am going to explain why I am an airplane fanatic.

For as long as I can remember aviation and traveling have been in my life. So overtime my fascination of these machines grew. These airplanes looked simple externally but they are more complex than that. They are made up of millions of parts. I am the person who loves the flying part, others hate it. I don’t really mind where I end up as long as I get to fly in an airplane… So there a funny story so one summer my family and I went on a trip to Missouri and the jetway separated into two creating a fork… Did you know jetways make boarding a plane much easier rather than having to climb steps to reach it. The passenger only needs to walk down a ramp… okay, back to the story so my entire family boards except one, my sister, she boards the wrong plane bound for Canada. So my family starts to freak out and runs to the other plane about to depart and frantically yells for my sister. Pretty funny. Yeah, so airplanes have been in my life and it will remain so, in the future I hope to fix these incredible machines.


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