The B 29 clone

By Maarten 

So this week’s blog post is about the Tu 4 bomber, an exact copy of the B 29 superfortress used during world war II.

So the B 29 was a bomber aircraft built by Boeing for the long range bombing in the pacific theater. The B 29 was well known for its capability of long range raids and its high flying ability. It is also well known for dropping the first atomic bomb.

So after the war, the B 29 was put into an early retirement. In 1947 the russians rolled out a aircraft that shocked the United states’ leaders. It was a exact copy of the B 29! During the war the russian were able to capture some b29s and had his engineers to reverse engineer it and built an copy of it to fill a gap that was missing in his air force. It was named the Tu-4

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