The age of supersonic flight

LEAVES THE AIRPORT IN LONDON.So this week is going to be about the age supersonic.

Sometimes I wonder, why don’t we have supersonic flight. This has always been a lingering thought. Back in the early sixties,two European aircraft the-concorde-made-its-first-supersonic-passenger-flight-40-years-ago-this-is-what-it-was-likemanufacturers joined forces and created a SST (supersonic transporter) named Concorde. This plane was revolutionary in every way and the companies had great success in success in finding customers. It was so popular it drew the attention of the United States government and they wanted a plane to complete with the Concorde. They held a competition between all the American aerospace companies and Boeing won the contract so they design a plane that was competitive with its counterpart. This all was happening in the golden age of flight were customers were fly in luxury and comfort.

By Carnall (cc by 2.0)

Now I have always known that the evolutionary next step would be supersonic flight. During the sixties that was what the public thought. During this time the world was becoming connected and people were traveling in comfort, this time period would be known as the golden age of flight. As the years progressed, many saw the possibility of having a supersonic flight because of the natural progression of technology. As they were able to shrink key computerized to make.  The most popular feature of the Concorde was its speed it could fly from london to newyork in 3.5 hours which attracted a lot of orders from airlines.


But I also know there were some shortcomings of supersonic flight. As the concord were delivered to the airlines there were some minor physical changes. The plane was narrow body so it couldn’t carry that many passengers and the windows had to be tiny to withstand the immense heat of supersonic flight. Another problem was that it travel so fast the outer skin would heat up. As well as the takeoffs and landing were noisy and bothersome to the public.

But I know that there is some shortcomings of the Concord but I can’t seem to understand faq4why it isn’t still around. As the concorde rolled out and went into full production. It became very popular among airlines. Orders kept coming in. But overtime fuel prices soared and with the unreliability of the airplane cause airplanes to be grounded causing a loss in profits. With the rising problem of the lost of the ozone layer it concern many environmental groups. Causing the demise of the concorde.

Even though I know these facts I know that supersonic flight will return. Most recently 140924101456-aerion-clouds-horizontal-gallerymany private companies are trying to reinvent supersonic flight making more economical and less noisy. A private company Aieron is trying to reinvent the private jet by making go supersonic. With some help from the airplane manufacturer Airbus, who is also trying to remake the an Sst. Some other companies are trying to make engines that run quieter but more powerful.




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