Sleeping in the airport


So for this week’s blog I going to share short vignette about by my time,traveling.

Fair warning

If you have a back up plan do it, don’t sleep at the airport becaus it gets cold at night and you have no control over the temperture.

My family and I have been almost everywhere in the world and that all thanks to my Dad’s flight benefit. But sometimes we don’t make it on the flight we want so we’re forced to sleep at the airport or rent a hotel. Most of the time we’re stuck at the airport. My parents hate it but in my opinion, I like it. Most airports are very busy ,thousands of people pour into the terminals trying to get to their destination. But at night you get to see a new side of the airport;calm and empty. Which is really cool because at night the airport becomes your playground, you can anything you want as long as you don’t loot shops, anything else is fair play. But most of the time my parent makes my sibling and I  go to sleep so we can’t  do anything fun. But when we wake up it gets very awkward because the airport is open and travelers start pouring in and I have a feeling that everyone stares at us when they go past us.

Thanks for reading


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