My Macbook air impression


This week for the blog (like most of my blogs) is going to be different.

I going to talk about technology.

I have always needed a new computer/laptop,  I did some research to find the  best budget friendly computer/laptop in the months leading up to Black Friday and was able to narrow it and I decided to get a windows laptop because there were so many good deals and decent specs but I  knew in the future I was going to migrate towards  the Macbook  ecosystem because for one reason only that  a lot of creative people tend to use Mac books. But one reason held me back was that  macbooks  were so expensive.But on black Friday I decided to risk it and  just to get a Macbook air there was a good deal but it was just out of my budget but in the end I was able to get a loan from my parents. So I bought it. So the day after I started to set up the Macbook, one thing that surprised me was how solidly the laptop was built, when I finished setting up the Macbook I started to use it. The system user interface was very fluid and clean. Everything was fast and responsive. Overall my initial impression of the Macbook  was like a 8/10. One thing that bothered me was there is a lot of system apps that I don’t use such as the messaging app because i don’t own a iphone and itunes as well.

thanks for reading


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